Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tag: You're it!


hey dolls
ive been tagged by the pretty wafa
sorry i know im very late but i have been really busy lately

so lets start

What's your favorite quote? 
to be angry is to revenge the faults of others upon ourselves
- One electronic device you can't live without? 
in beauty: the curling iron
in general: my mobile
- Bright or nude lips? 
depends on my mood but i would prefer nudes
- Your favorite shoes brand?
- What would you do if you had a million riyals?
OF COURSE start my own business
- What do you order from Starbucks? 
im not a big fan of starbucks cafe but i usually order white mocha
- Something you wish its not forbidden in Islam?
 honestly nothing
im very convinced of islam
but i would say killing some people who deserve to die
- What’s the most expensive gift you’ve ever received from someone? and given to someone?
 -a bracelet from my lovely friend
-a laptop for my sister
- Do you believe in zodiac? ( I do! tell me what's your sun sign so I can judge you lol)
actually no i dont believe people who tell wts gonna happen in future
but i like reading about personalities and stuff like that
mine is Leo
- Has a song ever made you cry? If yes, which one?
1.apologize by timbaland
2.no promises by shayne ward
 - Your favorite skincare tip?
 clean, moisten and sleep well

thats all
thanx wafa for tagging me, i was happy doing this post

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